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   Yamaha r15 v3 price rs 

Yamaha r15 V3 It is called a sports bike It is available in 3 variants in India. The Yamaha R15 V3 has a 155 cc engine. Its engine power is 18.3 bhp and generates 14.1 Nm. The R15 V3 has a single cylinder. Its engine has a 6-speed manual gearbox.


One of these variants has an anti-locking braking system. The RV weighs 142kg. This bike has 3 colors. It traded in practicality for greater performance. Yamaha r15 tries to reduce this gap with version 3.0 technology but there is a BS6 speed engine with several cc’s in the list. 

Its variable 14.1Nm. It has maximum power. The output of the  r15 v3 is 18.3bhp. It has an advanced all-LED lamp. And there is also an all-digital LCD instrument cluster.

r15 v3 model, however, received goodies like its wrinkles. It has a conventional fork to maintain its prices. Its rear side panel has a Ducati style gap so it looks interesting from the rear. Grand handles for A pine are also integrated and its version is given in version 2.2. The Yamaha and all those motorcycles have disc brakes.

It has a cut-off switch with a side-stand engine and a high-quality radial tire.And the 15 version 3.0 BS6 Racing Thunder contains three color shades of its Darkknight.

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