WordPress vs blogger. Which one is best platform. Right explain

WordPress VS Blogger. which one is the best platform for you. Today I will discuss this topic. Nowadays those who work new online, but will start new work. But they will create blogs or websites. Many people want to make money by creating new blogs. But they still have doubts in their minds. They think that we will start new blog with which platform. Today I will explain this question to you correctly.

Most of the blogs online today are made with WordPress. After WordPress, site has been created with Blogger. But Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular known platforms. You can easily create a blog site or website using these two platforms. But both WordPress and Blogger have advantages and disadvantages. Which is profitable and which has more advantages, which’s has what is power more. You will understand if you read this article. Both Blogger and WordPress have advantages and disadvantages. But both are good quality platforms. Many people bloggers love to make money by creating sites. Again, many bloggers love to make money by creating sites with WordPress. The reason is that the two platforms have different advantages and disadvantages. On blogger and wordpress Which’s are more functions and which’s is fewer functions. I will discuss.

Now you need to know what is WordPress and what is Blogger:

What is wordpress :

WordPress is a powerful CMS software. It is called PSP and MySQL open source content management software. It is a very popular platform. With WordPress you can easily create a website. Many websites are currently being created with WordPress. You do not need any coding knowledge to create a WordPress site. You must buy domain hosting to create WordPress site.

What is blogger:

Blogger is a platform. Many people are currently creating blog sites with Blogger. Blogger is a article publishing platfrom. It was created by pyra labs in 1999. It was called Blogspot. Google bought it from Pyra Labs in 2003. Then Google brings it to its own server. Blogger is now a full Google service. You can easily create a free blog with Blogger. You don’t have to buy any domain hosting to blog on Blogger. You can run this platform for free. However, Blogger has a subdomain system, you can use the subdomain if you wish. In blogger better on buy domain. If you want to blog professionally, you can buy a domain from Blogger and start working.

Let’s see what qualities a good platform needs to have:

1.Easy to use:

A good platform should have the quality that it can be used easily. Very easily so that everyone can create a website through this platform. From this platform using can easily bring traffic . Can easily earn money .This is the important aspect. >

2.Quality of a good blog site:

To create a blog, that platform should have a lot of functions. Must have new new features. There should be new themes so that the site can be easily created with good themes.


so that Blogs can be designed a good. Remember that seeing a good design increases the attraction of the visitor, so the visitor stays on that site for a long time. So you need to have more style on your blogging platform.

4.Towards security:

A good platform must have security. Otherwise your site may be hacked. If the site is hacked, all your efforts will be wasted. So choose a good platform.


SEO is very important in a good platform. Without SEO you can’t bring visitors in any way. SEO is important in a good platform. The platform you choose must have the benefit of SEO.

Let’s do discuss the difference between WordPress and Blogger:

If you want to create a blog with WordPress site. You must buy domain hosting. Otherwise you will not be able to create a professional blog site. If you want to create a blog site with WordPress, you need to have the knowledge to create a blog site. You can learn from Google YouTube how to create a blog site with WordPress. So, you can easily create a site with Blogger when creating a blog. You can easily create a blog by visiting Google’s Blogger.com. You can create blogs on Blogger with titles.

1.WordPress VS Blogger in terms of design:

WordPress is very good in terms of design. In wordpress you can to do better design. There are many plugins in WordPress that can be designed more. WordPress has lots of free themes. You can design with that theme. You can customize it with WordPress.

So: you can also customize with Blogger. Bloggers can design the site in a good color. You can customize it by going to the theme edit option on Blogger.

2.WordPress VS Blogger in terms of functionality:

WordPress has more functions than Blogger. WordPress has a lot of free themes. WordPress has a lot of feature functionality. WordPress has over 20,000 plugins. Also new new themes are being created for WordPress. With WordPress you can easily create ecommerce sites.

So, Blogger does not have much functionality. Blogger has some features that can be added. Blogger has a few free themes that can use to do create blog site.

3.WordPress VS Blogger in Ownership:

There are many benefits to WordPress in terms of ownership. If you use WordPress, you will have full ownership. You can work in WordPress as long as you want. Because domain hosting is all your own. You are buying and running the site yourself. If the site is created with WordPress, no one will be able to block your site. Unless you’re off. WordPress is far ahead in this regard.

So, in the case of Blogger, Google will have full ownership. Google can block your site if you wish. Google, however, has the power to shut down any site. Google is running Blogger.com with its own server and domain hosting. So Google has the full power of Blogger.com.

4.WordPress VS Blogger in terms of security:

WordPress site needs to work with a little thought in terms of security. Then you can protect your site from hackers. You need to use a plugin to protect the WordPress site. There is a plugin called Wordfence that you can use. No one will be able to hack your site easily using this plugin.

So, Blogger is far ahead in terms of security. Google provides the most security on Blogger. You don’t have to worry about security on Blogger.

5.WordPress VS Blogger for SEO:

WordPress is very better for SEO. WordPress has the most benefits when SEO. Because WordPress has different plugins. You can do SEO very easily.

So, you do can SEO on Blogger too. SEO functions are less in Blogger. You can only submit to Blogger sites. Function of SEO on Blogger less than WordPress.

6.WordPress VS Blogger in case of spending money:

You have to spend a little extra on WordPress in case of spending money. First you need to buy domain hosting and create a WordPress site. You also need to buy some plugins. You can use both free and paid themes. To buy domain hosting on WordPress site will cost you a total of 2000 thousand money.

So, there is no need to spend much on Blogger. All you have to do is buy a domain on Blogger. A good quality domain costs 900 money annually. You can also use free themes. But, it is better to buy a theme.

7.WordPress VS Blogger to do control:

You have complete control over WordPress. Here you can determine everything from the database to the page category.

So, you can’t control everything on Blogger. Can’t control database here. On Blogger you can’t control everything like WordPress. Here page, post category can not determine anything.

8.WordPress VS Blogger,For Money Income:

If you want to do professional blogging. If you want to take blogging as a career then WordPress will be the best platform for you. You can also earn money by creating a blog site with Blogger. Because Google takes 40% of the blog site from Adsense. The remaining 60% will give you. But you can also earn a lot of money with Blogger. The world’s biggest bloggers are making a lot of money by creating sites in WordPress.

So, I would say if you want to make money by professional blogging. Then you can start working by creating a site with WordPress. And if you are new, you can create a blog site on Blogger. You can create a site in WordPress later.

WordPress VS Blogger Which one is the best platform:

Both are good quality platforms for blogging. You can create a blog site in either of the two. Blogger.com is good for those who want to blog for hobby. Those who want to do it professionally can buy domain hosting and start blogging in WordPress.

So, Blogger is a great platform for you if you just want to articale publishing on blog. And if you want to get more functions than writing, then WordPress is the best platform for you.

Now if you want to know my opinion:

I would say, if you want to blog professionally then I would say WordPress would be the best. And if you want to blog for free, then Blogger is good for you. If you are new to blogging then Blogger.com is good for you. Here you can learn a lot first. If you have no knowledge of WordPress, you can start blogging with Blogger. After learning a lot, you can start professional blogging in WordPress.

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