What is SEO? How to do SEO. Complete guidelines

What is SEO? Learn the rules important of SEO.

SEO is an important issue. SEO is very important for any marketing. If you have a website then you must do SEO. Doing SEO will increase the traffic of the website even more. Your site traffic will continue to increase every day. If you do SEO, your site and post will come in the search results. For this the value of the site will increase further.


What is SEO:

SEO means search engine optimization. The method used to bring traffic through search from Google, Bing, Yahoo is called SEO. Currently every website is do SEO. The more SEO a website is done, the more traffic will keep coming in that website. Many markets do SEO to bring in search results.u

How SEO works:

People search for any information on Google. When people search on Google to find information, many websites show up in the search results. If you search for something then the information you searched for will come up. The search engine has a crawl. Helps to bring out any information. Google Robot saves the information of that website in its database. Then people can easily find that information very quickly by searching on Google. When people search Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo with these specific keywords. Then the number of visitors to the websites that come first will increase a lot. If you want to get your website to the first of search results, you need to have a good idea about SEO.

There are different types of SEO. The most important SEOs are:

  1. Onpage SEO
  2. Offpage SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Content SEO
  5. Mobile SEO
  6. E-Commerce SEO

1.Onpage SEO: Onpage SEO is all that is needed to build your website, so onpage SEO. site’s colour, site’s structure, etc.

2.Offpage SEO: Offpage SEO is to spread your website all over the world. Baclink, linking your site, forum posting, marketing are all offpage SEO.

3.Technical SEO: Technical SEO is that crawlers will help to increase the rank of all the posts on your site without any problem. This will help you to submit your site content very quickly. You have to follow that method.

4.Content SEO: After writing content, you must SEO that content. You need to use main keywords in your content. Use yost SEO plugin do for content SEO. Set your post. Give a description in the post settings. Then use tags. Enter the category. Add outbound links to posts. Add internal external link.

5.Mobile SEO: A lot of searches are done on mobile devices. 60-70% of searches come from mobile. That’s why Google gives more importance to mobile friendly sites. You can make your site mobile friendly. SEO your site on a mobile device is a mobile SEO method.

6.E-Commerce SEO: A lot of SEOs do the sites of a business organization. E-commerce SEO is the search engine optimization of an industry organization’s blog site.


On the other hand, SEO is divided into two parts:

1.White SEO

2.Black White SEO.

1.White SEO:

White SEO means following the rules of Google. The method that is followed according to the rules of Google is called White SEO

2.Black White SEO:

Black White SEO is refers to the method that is use in do break all the methods. In this way SEO can bring the site to the rank. But many people do not want to use Black White SEO, they try to bring the site rank by following the Google guidelines.

Benefits of SEO:

1.Benefits of SEO in site ranking:

It is possible to bring a site in the rankings easily by doing SEO. If you do SEO on a site, it is possible to earn a lot of money by increasing the traffic.

2.Benefits of SEO in increasing traffic:

SEO is very important in increasing traffic. Without SEO, you don’t get enough traffic. If you do SEO, you can easily earn money by bringing organic traffic.

3.Increase free traffic:

If you do SEO, you will get free traffic. If you SEO your site well then you will definitely get a lot of traffic. The more traffic you get to the site, the more your income will increase.

4.Income from SEO:

You can easily earn income from SEO. Currently a lot of sites are being created. They want to bring their site to the rank by doing SEO with good SEO experts. You can earn a lot of money by SEO of their site.

5.Increase the quality of the site:

SEO your site will increase the quality of your site. If you SEO a site, that site will continue to spread all over the world. People from all over the world will read your site content. As a result, the quality of your site will increase even more.

6.Page Loading Speed:

Another important aspect of SEO is page loading speed. How long a page of a website is loading is the page loading speed. Having page loading speed is very important for SEO.

7.In the case of data analytics:

This is an important issue that is very useful for SEO. You can understand the traffic behavior of your site. They can understand what kind of information they want by using data analytics. That’s why it’s important to have data analytics.

8.Benefits of SEO in Analytics:

You can find out how much traffic is coming to a site’s page. You can find out where visitors come from. Which page they see more, how long they see. You can find out how old they are through this analytics

.what is seo?

.Ho to do seo

The importance of keyword research in SEO:

Doing keyword research will make it easier to come up with your search results. The better you do keyword research, the better for you. After writing an article, do your keyword research well. If you work on a topic then do keyword research on that topic. If you want to work with “mobile” you can take the help of a keyword planner.

How to do keyword research:

You can use the Google keyword planner tool for keyword research. With it you can easily do keyword research. First go to google Keyword Planner and type “mobile” in the search results then you will see how much competition is high and low. You will always work with low competition keywords.

Create an SEO friendly site:

If you want to rank your site with do SEO, then you must create an SEO friendly site. To create an SEO friendly site you need to have your site structure, color, design submitted to various search engines. Starting from the domain name, the site must have a complete structure. If you don’t have an SEO friendly site, you will never be able to rank your site with SEO.

SEO’s Quality:

Do SEO will help increase the amount of traffic to your site. Doing SEO will increase the income of your site a lot. There is a lot of SEO done in marketing. Due to SEO, it is possible to bring the site to the search results easily. It is not possible to rank any site without SEO.

How to SEO a Website:

To SEO a website you need to work on many things. At present, if you want to do SEO for a site, you have to do SEO with many techniques. I will discuss in full how to SEO a site.

Setting up SEO:

If you want to do SEO on a site, you must do SEO setting. First you need to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. You need to verify your site in Webmaster Tools to submit to Google Webmaster Tools. You will be given a metatag to verify the site in Google Webmaster Tools. If you have a Blogger site, you can go to that Blogger site and click Edit HTML. Then paste that code under the head. And if it is a WordPress site, you can use the Yost SEo plugin. Paste this metatag inside that plugin and save.

Do keyword research for your site:

You must do keyword research when posting on the site. If you choose the domain name of the site, you will choose the domain name by doing keyword research. You must use Google Keyword Planartool to do keyword research. Use other keyword research tools if you wish. You will work with Competition Low Keywords. Work with more search volume keywords. Because once you go to Google ranking, your site’s income will increase a lot.

Design the content properly:

If you design the content correctly. You need to write your content correctly. So that your content is not copied. If there is copy content, there will be problems in SEO. Your content needs to have high loading speed.

Make your site a technical SEO:

Make your website a technical SEO. You can easily index posts by crawling your site.

Write SEO Friendly Content:

You must write SEO friendly content. Write your content in more words. Try to write more keywords inside the content. You can upload images, pictures and videos within the content. Write quality content. Add outbound links inside the content.

Create backlinks for your site:

You must have a backlink to rank the site. You have to do forum posting on different sites. You have to go to the biggest sites in the world and submit your site. You can go to the big sites and comment and give the link to your site.

On-page SEO make content:

Minimize the title of your post Use the main keyword in the title. Use h1, h2 h3, tags.

Finally, I want to tell you that a lot of sites are being created at present. That is why there is a lot of competition. So you must do SEO to bring traffic to your site. Without SEO, no site can be successful. If you want to do SEO, you must write good content. Without good content, there will be no benefit in doing SEO.

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