What is google algorithm? Important google algorithm core updates.

All bloggers should know about Google Algorithm. Because Google algorithm is an important aspect of Google search results. Google's algorithm can track any site. Google can understand how good and bad a site is through algorithms. The page on which the site can be placed in the search results is done through Google algorithm. The Google algorithm changes every years. Every year 2-3 cores of algorithms are updated. This can affect the Google search ranking on big sites. Google's algorithm update has reduced the number of visitors to the ranking of many websites. Again, many websites have the potential to get traffic from search rankings. If a website's visitor is below the search ranking, then the Google algorithm must be updated. If you want to get traffic to your website from Google search then you should know about Google algorithm.

Google Algorithm:

Google Algorithm is an important part of Google's ability to learn about the quality and structure of any site. A site for keywords will be ranked in the search results for all Google algorithms. The search results are placed on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the page by Google algorithm. Google algorithm is a topic whose job is to find the best sign among millions of websites. And it is ranked on the 1st page of Google search.

Why Google Algorithm is Updated:

The reason Google Google Algorithm is updated is because many bloggers try to promote low quality content through SEO. If low quality content ranks once. Google updates algorithms and tries to bring high quality content up again. High quality content rises to the top of the Google rankings. Then organic visitors keep coming from high quality content. And traffic from low quality content decreases.

If you want to get good traffic from Google forever then you have to write good content.

If you steal content from other people's sites and write on your own site, you will be caught by Google algorithm. When you write duplicate content, your site will slowly disappear.

Some important core updates of Google Algorithm: Google Algorithm used to be in abundance in the previous days. Now updated every year

. panda (2011)
.Penguin (2012)
.Hummingbird (2013)
.pigeon (2014)
.Mobile updates (2015)
.Rankbrain (2015)

.Emd updates (2012)

.Page layout(2012)

.pirate update( 2012)

.bert (2019)

.Speed update(2018)


Website content is stolen and used from other sites. Thin content is the content that is captured. More ads are used inside the content. Excessive use of targeted keywords. Low quality pages are given below and high quality pages are given above.


If irrelevant backlinks are made to the website then it is demoted from Google rank. Unnecessary backlinks to a website are automatically taken down. So even if the website ranks without specific backlinks, it is downgraded later.


This means that even if the main keyword is not used inside the content, Google will still rank. It was also mandatory to use other lexical words associated with the original keyword.


The purpose was to create a local search listing in the search results. So pigeon is the local search algorithm.

.Mobile updates:

Mobile updates were a very important issue. Ranking mobile friendly sites in search results. Those which are not mobile friendly sites will be downgraded from the results. So your site must be mobile friendly to survive the algorithm update. Find out if your site is mobile friendly (Google Mobile Friendly check )


This is an important ranking factor of the internet. It is a kind of machine learning system. This refers to not ranking irrelevant content on the site or site content.


Provides important on mobile speed updater. Google has been doing this for a long time. If the mobile speed update of a site is slow, it is dropped from the search rank.The purpose of Fred update is to create sites which are created outside the rules of Google Webmaster Guidelines. Google algorithms are caught during updates when there is low quality content on the site.

The purpose of this is to make websites that do not comply with Google. If a site is caught later, it is demoted from the rank.

. Emd updates:

The purpose of Emd updates is to bring down low quality content using domain name targets.

page layout:

The website that has a lot of ads in the section. It is determined by the page layout. So if you want to save your site from Google Algorithm Update, it would be better not to put additional ads in the section on the site.


It refers to any content. Such as books, movie music, books are promoted on the site without the permission of any owner. These are taken into account when updating the Google algorithm. So do not publish content on the site without the permission of any owner.


It's made for real language learning. Google Algorithm has done this to explain the actual language.

speed update:

Provides important on mobile speed updater. Google has been doing this for a long time. If the mobile speed update of a site is slow, it is dropped from the search rank.

How to protect your site from Google algorithm updates:

Google Algorithm Update can penalize your site at any time, so if you want to protect your site from Google Algorithm Update, you must follow the full rules of Google. Make your content unique. Design the site by following the Google rules. Do not create any kind of copy content on your site. If you have copied content on your site, your site will be destroyed by Google algorithm update.

Google Penalty:

Google Penalty is any website that is reviewed during the Google algorithm update when there is a problem with the content of the site or any violation of the rules Google cancels from the search rank. If a website is reviewed from Google Algorithm. If a site is created in violation of Google's rules, it can be penalized if it is reviewed during the Google algorithm update. And if a site is given a penalty, then the number of visitors to that site will continue to decrease.

Why Google might penalize a site:

Many people do not follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and many people create sites with their own intellect. When Google Algorithm starts reviewing that website, it penalizes that site.

I will discuss in full how to save your site from Google penalty.

Thin content:

This is outside the rules of Google. If you overuse your targeted keywords within the article, it may catch thin content. That means put your targeted keyword within 100 words. And the content is written in 300 to 500 words. Write in at least 100-, 1500 words. Then you can save your site from Google algorithm updates.

.low Quality content:

Google wants quality content. If you don't write quality content, you can be penalized.

Duplicate content:

Duplicate content is copied from another site and pasted directly on your own site. Many people steal from other people's sites, paste it on their own site and publish it with some changes. If Google Algorithm is updated then it can definitely give you thin content.

Invalid backlinks to increase traffic:

If you backlink a site illegally to increase traffic, you may be penalized.

Website loading speed:

The loading speed of the site is very important. Always try to keep the loading speed high. If the site does not have sufficient loading speed, Google may penalize you during the algorithm update.

After all,

Google updates its algorithms every year. Google reviews every site. If you review a site, Google will remove it from the search rank if there is any violation of the rules of that site. So create a site by following the rules of Google. And always write unique quality content, then you can save your site from Google algorithm.

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