Onpage SEO-Onpage SEO best guidelines

Onpage SEO is very important for any website. Without onpage SEO, you can never bring a site to any search result. So do onpage SEO of your site.

Onpage SEO: Site structure, tags, categories, metatag descriptions, other link to website. The job of onpage SEO is

How to do onpage SEO: We will discuss how to do onpage SEO. Read the rest of this content.

1.Do keyword research

2.Titles and tags


4.Using reliable titles

5.Using keywords in the title

6. Using tags in content

7.Writing meta descriptions

8.The length of the title of the content

9.The length of the content

10.Using keywords inside the content

11.Adding External Links

12.Adding outbound links

13.Writing quality content

14.Writing copy-free content

15.Use proper grammar in the content

16..Adding internal links inside the content

17.Write good content

Onpage SEO

1.Do keyword research :

An important aspect of onpage SEO is do keyword research. If you want to do onpage SEO, you need to do keyword research. There are various tools for doing keyword research online with which you will do keyword research. Yo can use google keyword planner tool

2.Titles and tags:

Titles and tags play a very important role for onpage SEO. You must use titles and tags in the content.


URL is very important for SEO. Such as https: www.example. com Here you can give http, https, any one but giving https would be a good . URL should be good for search engine optimization.

4.Using reliable titles:

You must provide reliable titles. When writing a content, first you have to give a beautiful tittle.

5.Using keywords in the title:

When you write a content you must use the focus keyword in the title of the content. It is very important to use focus keywords in the title.

6.Using content tags:

You must use content tags. Content tags play a very important role in SEO.

7.Giving meta descriptions to content:

Although Google has changed its rules recently. Google has become much smarter now. If you write content on a topic, you do need to give a meta description after writing the content. Nowadays, Google likes to his its favorite topics. So give a description of course. You will post smartly as you like.

8.Length of content:

Length of content is very important. The length of the content takes into account your competitor’s direction. Currently there is a lot of competition for content. So you have to write your content in large size. Write at least 2000-3000 thousand words.

Onpage SEO

9. Content title length:

This is an important topic. For SEO, you must try to shorten the title. Giving extra big titles can be a problem to rank the content.

10.Use of keywords in the content:

At one time, the keyword could be used 2/3 times out of 100 words in the content. But now you can use words inside the content as you wish. You can use the main keywords inside the content as you wish.

11.Adding External Links:

To do onpage SEO you must add external links. Your on post must have linking.

12.Adding outbound links:

You need to provide links to other websites related to your post. Then it will be very good for SEO.

13.Writing quality content:

Quality content is very important for all SEOs. If your content is not good. If your content is not quality, your SEO will not work. So if you want to write any content, you must be quality. Without quality content, you will never succeed in SEO or content writing. So write quality content.

14.Writing copy-free content:

You must write copy-free content. You can never be successful without copy-free content. So you need to write regular copy-free content. If there is copy content in the content, there is no benefit in doing SEO. Having copy content can cause a lot of problems. So never try to publish other people’s content on your own site.

15.Using the right grammar in the content:

You must use the correct spelling and grammar in the content when writing the content. If you use proper grammar in the content, you can rank your site with SEO. If you have incorrect English, you will not be able to rank the site.

16.Adding internal links:

You must add internal links inside the content. Adding internal links will help you rank your site. Linking one post to another increases the authority of the site. So internal do links work very intelligence.

17.Writing good content:

Good content is very important for SEO’S. A good content helps your site to rank. That’s why you will write good content considering all aspects.


I want to tell you. onpage SEO plays a very important role. If you want to rank the site, you must follow the rules above.

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