Ktm rc 200 see price images and information ktm rc200 best popular.


₹ 1,96,768

“ktm rc 200”                                    . “ktm rc200”

KTM RC 200 This is a sports bike. It is made in India. It is a popular car in the Indian market. It has 2 variants priced at      

             ₹ 1,96,768

The KTM RC 200 has 25.1 bhp of power from its 200 cc engine. The RC 200 has a single cylinder. The engine has a 6-speed gearbox. The engine of the KTM RC200 is very powerful and can run fast. It has both rear and front disc brakes. This bike can carry a weight of 154.4kg. RC’s are 2 colors.

KTM RC200 has updated. This RC’s fairing graphics also have a black and orange color. The DRL has a dual-LED projector headlamp with LED in front of it. Meanwhile the braking hardware has a 300mm disc. Its engine capacity is 199cc. The fuel for the KTM RC 200 is gasoline.

Its fuel efficiency is 5 kmpl. The KTM RC 200 sports version of the motorcycle has been introduced. RC 200 is a popular motorcycle. Which draws attention to the youth. It is an aggressive and performance sports motorcycle.

The KTM RC200 is a complete digital instrument with orange backlit. It has speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel level, average fuel consumption etc. The KTM 200RC’s liquid cooled motor has a maximum power of 25BHP at 10000rpm.

Its gear shifting KTM RC200 This motorbike has many benefits for urban riders who like to ride fast and signal the road. The KTM RC200 is up to 43mm bigger. It brings telescopic wrinkles. Its pillion seat, which is spread over the tail, gives great comfort through the rider.

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