Blogging vs Youtube.Which one is the best platform for you? full discussion.

Blogging VS YouTube Which platfrom is better for you. Today I will discuss this topic. Nowadays those who want to work online. Those who love to earn money online. But them on mind this question is revolving. I will start blogging not YouTube. With which platform do work I can be more profitable I do. With which I can earn more money. This question is on the minds of those who work online. Today I will explain it to you clearly. So that you can easily understand.

Blogging vs YouTube

At present no one wants to be unemployed, everyone wants to work. If someone is asked do you want to make income online? In reply he will say yes I want.Because the fun at sitting home income is different. At present, many people want to make income online. They want to earn income through laptop, mobile. They do not know how to make money easily. Then they can know about YouTube or blogging. But them will start YouTube not blogging. This question is swirling in their heads . Which is more convenient and profitable. But I would say if you can work hard then both are good platforms for you. But I will explain to you which of the two is more convenient and which is more profitable.

Let's explain what blogging and YouTube are today.


You know what a platform YouTube is. YouTube is a video sharing platform. At present, many people are earning income from YouTube by sharing videos. Just as a youtuber makes money by sharing videos, a blogger makes money by sharing content on his blog. 500 videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. There are 30 million views on YouTube everyday.

In case of money income from YouTube:

It is also a good platform to earn money from YouTube. A YouTuber can easily earn income by doing an ad show on his YouTube. It's easy to make money on YouTube by doing ad shows. From YouTube has two or three ways to can earn . Such as video uploads and affiliates, marketing advertising shows, etc. According to the video, YouTube clicks, cpc rmp calculates and pays.

There are many YouTubers in the world today who earn 5-6 lakhs money per month. Indian YouTuber currently earns money 3-4 lakhs. Although currently millions of views have increased on YouTube compared to past. This is because the number of mobile users has increased a lot more than before. Millions of mobile users are growing every day. So once you can make a YouTube video viral and if the video is good then you don't have to look behind back in a single video. You can earn a lot of money in one video.


Blogging is a platform where income is generated through writing. A blogger can easily earn money by blogging every month. You can earn a lot of money by blogging. Here you just have to share the content. People who write on blogs are called bloggers. You can easily create a blog. If you want succed so, you will to do hard work on blogging. You have to write regular content on the blog. You have to write 3-4 content blogs every week. Once your blog site is ranked, you can earn a lifetime income. You have to study a lot to do blogging.Then you can succeed very quickly. A successful blogger must share his knowledge on his blog. If you want to do professional blogging, you can create a blog with Because WordPress is the best powerful platform. But if you want to create a blog with WordPress, you have to spend some money. You have to buy domain and hosting. But if you want to create a free blog site.So you can open a blog site for free with

Blogging for Money Income:

Blogging is a lucrative platform for earning money. Blogging is one of the best sources of income online. Many people are earning money a lot by blogging nowadays. A blogger earns 8-10 lakhs money per month. There are Indian bloggers who earn money 48 lakhs per month. This blog has earned 48 lakhs money per month. This blog has earned 10 lakhs money per month. They first started blogging for hobbies. They did not have to look back. Ways to make income from blogs are affiliate marketing, google adsense, direct ads placement, etc.

To be successful in blogging vs YouTube, you need to whats.
Unique Content: If you want to make money from blogging, you must write original content. You cannot succeed without original content. On the other hand, you can't succeed on YouTube without good unique videos.

Hard work and patience: If you want to blog, you must work hard. Without hard work, you can not be successful in any way. Need to share good content on the blog. You have to write 3-4 content per week otherwise you will not be successful.You can't make video viral on YouTube without hard work . So you have to work hard.
You have to spend some money to work on blogging and YouTube. If you want to work on YouTube, you have to buy a microphone, speaker camera. If you want, you can start blogging and YouTube with mobile.

I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of blogging and YouTube:

If you want to blog, you have to work hard. You have to share new articles every day. Content can be earned for a long time by ranking in Google. But you can't easily make a video viral on YouTube. If you can't make the video viral, your video will not be viewed. If the video is viral, you will not be able to earn money in that video for a long time. But you can make money on blogs for a long time. In terms of money income, you can earn very little on YouTube compared to blogs. If the blog has 1000 views per day, 1 lakh views can't on YouTube. Because the amount of money income in the blog is more. You need to buy domain hosting on But you don't need to buy any domain hosting on YouTube. But if you have 10-15 unique posts on the blog, you will easily get monetized, then you will understand which is profitable and convenient for you.

Which platform you will do. Blogging not YouTube:

Many may think that they will do blogging or YouTube but at present both are good quality platforms. But the question is, what will you do? Both can be taken as a career. In both cases you can earn a good income. If you want to make money, you can do blogging. Because it is very easy to earn income from blogs and a lot of income is possible from blogs. Because the number of mobile users has increased a lot, people always want to learn something new, so they search more on Google. So in case of money income, on the blogging can make a good income very easily. Many people are earning lakhs of money by blogging nowadays.
If you want, you can make income by creating a professional blog. But you have to have a lot of knowledge to create a blog. You must have knowledge of writing. If you want to earn money by writing, make income from blogging. Those who do not have much writing knowledge can earn money by working on YouTube. If you want to make money from YouTube, you must have the knowledge to make videos. You can't earn income without video make's knowledge.

Finally, I would like to tell that if want to achieve success, you can earn money by running blogging YouTube with two.This is best way for you. Because both platforms are very popular. Hope you understand.
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