9 best file manager apk for android

File manager safe and powerful.

This is one of the best file manager application. With this file manager you can categorize images, audio, video, AP, document files and downloaded files. You can use this file manager very easily. It is a powerful file manager. it has a friendly interface. It is easy to use. Search with this powerful file explorer. You open and delete files, rename and copy. This allows you to manage file folders on your device’s memory card.These image files you can download audio, video, APP, files. With it you classify files. Manage these files. It adds files of your choice like MP3, MP4, MOV, OGG, W, Doc, PDF, PPT, Excel, JPG. With it you can easily search for files by date, size, name. You can gain experience by downloading this file manager application. You can download and use it.


Astro file manager


File manager

This file manager is an interesting best file manager. This file manager can make your files browser, hide, shortcut. It can easily handle download, bookmark, paste, copy, cut, compress, rename, move, delete. It allows you to transfer, organize, and perform many such activities. This file manager can support multiple cloud storage. It supports multiple cloud storage like Google Drive, Android Drive, Dropbox, Box, OnCloud, Yandex, SugarSync, WebDAV, Mediafire etc. It is a storage analytics application.It helps you browse and access your media files by category. It can easily manage all your files stored on your memory, microSD card, local area network or cloud storage.


Solid file file manager


My files filemanger

It has multiple powerful related functions. This file manager has no internet access. So it helps to improve your privacy. This Explorer file manager application is a cool file manager. This file manager helps you find and classify all files.
With it you can quickly find your favorite music, videos, .pp, pictures. It will be categorized automatically. You can click on the home page entry by category.It can quickly access the history of the file manager to manage your files including cutting, copying, pasting, renaming your files from microSD card, LAN, cloud storage. You can access bookmarks with this file manager. You can search any file. You can do download and use it from the link below.


File manager file explore

It is a powerful file manager. You can use it for free. It is very easy to use. It works extremely fast it has the advantage of looking. This file manager supports easy navigate, copy, paste, cut, delete, renew. It also supports media files and large files, including APP. It has an interface. It helps you to quickly find your phone’s audio, video, images, pictures. It will help you to categorize the file manager to find files with a clear design and interface. You can download this file manager for free from the link below.


File manager local and cloud file explore

It is the most powerful free and perfect application for managing files like images, movies, music, applications on your mobile. It can easily manage storage access. It allows you to explore, copy and paste files, delete files and transfer files. It can helps file Show hidden . It has Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and multiple clouds. It supports Zip and RAR. It supports Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OnCloud, Yandex, SugarSync, WebDAV, Mediafire etc.
This file manager helps you access images, audio, video with your media files.It allows you to transfer and manage files or documents via FTP connection. You can do download it for free use.


File commander file manager and cloud storage


File manger smart file manager

This is a file manager that you can use very easily. For with it, file copy, delete, supports. It is a smart file manager application. You can use easily on your Android phone. It works very fast. This smart file manager helps to categorize all the files. You can download it from the link below.


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